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Cesar Espejo is with more than 25 years in the construction business, and it is our mission and ability to provide our clients with best exceptional service. 

We at Pasadena Craftsman, (if you click here you will go to our Pasadena Craftsman site) are experts in residential homes and we have been specializing in meeting our clients construction needs, lately building many Accessory Dwelling Units, many people like to convert their garage into a living area. We also build residential properties from the ground up, second units and  guest houses for more than two decades. We are a Construction company dedicated to build energy efficient, durable homes. We are located in the city of Pasadena State of California but we always expand our service from Pasadena to the entire Los Angeles County community.

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From beautiful garage conversions to newly ground-up ADU addition.


Building ADUs like they were the main house.

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We at Pasadena Craftsman, are a professional general contractor company that focuses in ground-up new ADUs construction, also conversion and creation of Accessory Dwelling units. It’s our ability to provide our clients with best exceptional service. We are a Construction company located in the city of Pasadena California. We expand our service from Pasadena to the entire Los Angeles County community.

We take pride in the best craftsmanship. We are not just another general contractor, we provide best turn key solutions to all your construction and renovation needs from plan designing, permit city approval, to the complete construction of your brand new ADU. We are ready to complete any project, big or small.
We understand that we are handling our clients biggest investment. No matter the size of the project large or small, we would manage it at its best, with great skill, care, good efforts, transparency and utmost professionalism.
As an experienced construction company, we are very familiar with the unique city requirements and focus in getting our ADU construction or conversions work done according to the city codes and building and safety department ordinances.


Is to help homeowners with the housing crisis demand and accelerate affordable housing availability in Southern California. Thousands of structures have been converted illegally, some of these existing units may be eligible to pursue permits meeting the new ordinances and city codes.

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We will give you a free on site initial consultation to assess the condition of your property. If you decide to move forward, will assist you with your Accessory Dwelling Unit or ADU addition improvement.  We will work very hard to exceed your expectation with your garage conversion or your new ground up ADU construction. We are not another contractor, we are expert ADU builders that understand the local ordinances.  Our business relationships with the city building and safety will help us expedite your building permit approval

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Cesar Espejo, General Contractor Builder Lic 947307

General Contractor ADU builder in Pasadena Los Angeles

Originally from Lima Peru, immigrated to the US in the 70's. Lived in Oahu Hawaii for over a decade, renovating many condominiums needing tender love and care in Waikiki Beach, Honolulu.  Moved to Los Angeles, California in the early 90's and lived in the Valley , then Santa Monica, finally establishing his home in Pasadena at a later time, a city he really loves. 

He is the PasadenaCraftsman.com company founder, the ADU builders and Craftsman homes restoration specialists. He started his career in construction back in 1994 after the Northridge earthquake in which he was able to rebuild and help many home owners to get re-established back in their homes, recuperating from major losses. In the early 2006, began to focused his attention to the construction of brand new homes, from single family homes to duplexes and multiple units. Assisted home owners with their craftsman homes, room additions and guest homes. The city of Los Angeles have been in need of second units for decades but only R2 zoned properties were able to qualify to build their second units in the past. Now the new city ordinances favor the homeowners.

Cesar Espejo is a California general contractor and builder with experience, he directs our entire team to take pride in quality craftsmanship focusing in client satisfaction. We make sure we handle each home remodel project with high level of care and excellent communication.

Breaking  ground to build a new accessory dwelling unit ADU  with a long concrete driveway.